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Choosing a Church to Go To in Edmonton

So maybe more and more you’ve been thinking about going to church ( or back to Church depending on your past). But in a city like Edmonton where there are literally hundreds of churches to choose from, the obvious question is how do you choose a church that is the right fit for you?

Much of the decision should come from what you feel you want personally from the church you attend. For example, traditional Churches such as Catholic, Lutheran or Orthodox churches are steeped in historic relevance dating back to the birth of Christ and are known for their pageantry and traditions. For some, these types of Churches, or more accurately denominations, are ideal for those that are drawn to the appeal of being part of something that has been around for centuries. Often these churches are magnificent achievements in architecture and provides members a sense of being in God’s house. For example, one can’t help but feel like they are in a truly special place when they are in St. Joseph’s Cathedral with it’s soaring auditorium and stunning architecture.

Churches such as Alliance and Pentecostal are far less focused on tradition and instead are known for their younger congregations that can number into the thousands as in the case of a church like Beulah Alliance which continues to grow and features 4 separate services each weekend to ensure it’s congregation all can hear that week’s message. You’ll find many young families at vibrant youth groups with a wide range of Church-sponsored activities and groups.

For others, churches such as Baptist churches often have smaller congregations and are far more grass roots in Edmonton. These churches are often described as more personal as it’s not uncommon for these to have only 50 or a 100 members. Those that are looking for a more intimate church going experience that has a family type feel may find this more appealing to their taste.

Edmonton has also seen many new churches spring up that are best called new age churches. These are still Christain churches, but often have unique takes on religion and have passionate followings.

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